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Friday, March 3, 2017

About: Mods

In case you don't know what a "mod" is, simply put it is a modification to the game. In this instance specifically, mods for Minecraft. I will be talking about one mod in particular in this post: Decocraft. Decocraft has just been installed on our creative server, and some people have been having issues joining after it was added so I will talk a little but about how to install the mod, and then a little about the mod itself and how to use it.

First of all how to install a mod. This is pretty simple, and if you already have Forge and the RJM installed, this should be really easy. I will link a video and give worded instruction so you can choose whichever way you like best. Here is the link to a video made by one of the students, and moderators, heimerdawg. Now as for the written version (Windows version).

  1. Go to this Dropbox link and download "forge-1.10.2-"
  2. Double click the file and select "Install Client" 
  3. After the files download, go back to the Dropbox link and download                         "Decocraft-2.3.4_1.10.2.jar"
  4. Locate your ".minecraft" folder by typing "%appdata%" in the search bar in the lower left-hand corner of your desktop.
  5. You should open the folder that pops up, and find the sub-folder named ".minecraft"
  6. In your ".minecraft" folder find the folder named "mods" if you don't have a "mods" folder, simply make one by right-clicking, selecting "New", and then select "Folder". Make sure to name it "mods" no capitals.
  7. Inside this "mods" folder make another folder named "1.10.2"
  8. Drag and drop the "Decocraft-2.3.4_1.10.2.jar" file you downloaded before into this new "1.10.2" folder.
  9. Load minecraft and select your Forge 1.10.2 profile.
  10. Press play. Lots of things will happen that don't happen when you load normal minecraft. This is normal, so don't freak out and think your minecraft is broken, or you got a virus from this. You WILL NOT get ANY viruses from these downloads. I personally have them, and they are clean.
  11. After it loads, you should have a "Mods" button on the title page. Click this and make sure you have the correct mods installed. There should be one called "Decocraft" and another named "PTRModelsLib" There will be some others too. These are part of Forge itself and don't really modify the game very much, they are just necessary for the loading of the other mods you install. 
  12. You should be able to now play on the creative server!
  13. You can also play on your own worlds, but make sure that if you build with any items from the mod, that you always load that world with the mods installed. If you don't all the items you placed that are from the mod will vanish and you can't get them back.
  14. The video will probably be easier to follow than this, so if you can't get it from this, watch the video, please.
  15. Feel free to ask for help!
Ok now onto how to use the mod! This mod isn't hard to use. All it adds are a bunch of decorations. Basically, you just look in your inventory and find the item you want to use. Hold it in your hand, and you will see an outline of the object. If this outline is red, something is blocking it. If its white you can place it. For more info, you can go to the mod page on the minecraft forum for more info, and a video.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to ask questions!

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