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Friday, June 23, 2017

I realize it has been a while but I wanted to bring the PyCrafters up to date. We got rid of that horrible GGServers account and restarted with AWS (amazon web service). The servers going down for days at a time with no reason why or no notification from the hosting company is over. I feel like such a weight has been lifted from our shoulders. The control of the new server is much better.
As of this morning I got the new security worked out and we can now run scripts from home in the Minecraft game again. Make sure you are using /lpy instead of /py so newer students don't break your script as it is running. 
If your local python script isn't running or throwing an error let me know and I will assign you a new security key.

So... YAY!!! Kate-Bot is back online! Feel free to go to the forum and read her code to see if you can add anything to her conversations.

Also wanted to mention that we upgraded to 1.11.2 and are now able to stay updated as Forge and RBJ are also updated.

The forum that _GrimmCreeper_  started for us is starting to take off. Feel free to join it and start asking questions that you need answers to.
Remember that we also go around the country teaching Python to children and there is also a place for normal Python questions there as well.

If you need the new IP address feel free to send in an e-mail to Kate or Victoria and they can reply with it.

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