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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Where Python and Minecraft meet!

On Sunday October 30th we will have an open PyCraft server. This is our PyCraft coding server where students "play" Minecraft while they learn to code (program).

We will run some fun scripts, let our guests have a look around, ask our mods/instructors questions and hang out with us for a while...maybe even get to run a few scripts.

This is a come and go 2 hour event. There is no "structure" to it. It is not a class or lesson, just a look around and see some of our students work in action.

You will need the FULL Minecraft Edition and your profile set to 1.9.4 to be able to acces the server. Remember FULL version is needed, no Pocket Edition, trial, Beta or Windows version will work.

The IP address for the PyCraft coding server: You will only have access between 5-7pm CST on 10/30. Remember your profile has to be set to 1.9.4 to access our server.

Here is information about our PyCraft course.

If you enroll before 10/31 you will receive lesson 1 AND lesson 2 as a bonus lesson.

Hope to "see" you Sunday!

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