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Sunday, November 13, 2016

My problems with the forge installer for Minecraft.

Owning a successful coding server for Minecraft I use to get a lot of questions and complaints from students or parents not being able to install the forge.jar file. I use to instruct them to go and install java to remedy their problem or even set the javaw application as the opening process if they already had java installed. When The parents would tell me that this has been tried, I'd think, "Well you obviously did something wrong. "  I am now eating my words.

Last week my computer went into a boot loop and wouldn't start. I reset it back to factory settings and was going to start all over like a new computer. After all, aren't the good scripts already on the PyCraft server?

So obviously none of the programs that I have installed are still on my computer. So installing them one by one was fun. Luckily I do not install most the programs I use on my pc. I use what is called portable apps. Meaning I can throw most every software I'll ever need on a thumbdrive. With that, I am able to plug it into any computer I choose. Linux as well providing I use wine for my win programs. Including portable python and friends :)

But this post is about forge. I had problems re installing it on my laptop. Couldn't for the life of me get the .jar installer to run no matter what I did including uninstalling and re installing the java program.

What worked for me was opening a cmd prompt and launching the installer with a java flag.
Hope it also works for you.

Run some CMD Commands:
-Rename the forge installer to fml and move it to your desktop.
-Open a command prompt by hitting the windows button plus r, or hit the start button and type in command.
- Type CD Desktop then Enter. You should now see C:\Users\YourName\Desktop>
- Type java -jar fml.jar then Enter
-The FML Installer now pops up
-Run the installer as usual
-You should get an output like the forge install window.

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  1. Ok :).

    I will try this tomorrow morning.
    I can not get my forge to work either.