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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I have been using the raspberry jam mod for a little over a year now. Alex Pruss is always updating it and making it better. If you install it then you have the ability to run your scripts on our server dedicated to Python scripting. Of course it is authenticated. Can't have someone wiping it as kids are playing on it.
Normally when a child first signs up, they get the first lesson in the series. The lesson is a simple positioning script. The second lesson is teleporting all over the area and how to write it with the information you got back from the first lesson.

We are geared to teach younger children who have possibly only spent an hour total on a computer so the first couple of lessons may seem mundane to the average computer user.

By the third lesson I set up and give out the software that installs on the desktop of your local machine and then you can write scripts and test them in real time instead of uploading them to our site to be reviewed.

After that we get into some real fun with Python Programming. With processes being ran from home you can practically do anything you want. One quick note though. We have no problem with the kids rendering some of the models in the package. But stuff like this ATAT will need to be removed when the world is wiped.. Licenses issues.
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