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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Set up your local MineCraft to code in Python!!!

I get a lot of questions about setting up my Minecraft to be able to script python code with it.
There are many PyCraft starters out there i.e. bukkit etc. The one I like and we use on the server is from Alex Pruss RaspberryJam Mod. I like it the best for the main reason Alex hasn't dropped the project and he updates it almost instantly when a request is made or when the game update is made.  Most of the instruction here was taken from Instructables.
We are currently using 1.9.4 on the server here is the link to the installs I have available. It includes the Forge install for 1.9.4 and RaspberryJamMod for 1.9.4

First thing first, you need to set a profile dedicated to 1.9.4 So open your Minecraft Launcher and click new profile in the bottom left hand corner.

After clicking new profile a window pops up called the Profile Editor.
May want to name it 1.9.4 test because when this is done you will be using a forge profile not this one. Find the use version  portion about 3/4 the way down.

Save the profile. Before you hit play, make sure the Profile says 1.9.4 test.

The point of this is to make sure you have no issues with running a 1.9.4 world prior to installing the forge.

After making the world is playable (can break blocks etc). Close out of Minecraft and the launcher. Go to the link I provided. Install the forge-1.9.4- Leave everything as is and just click Okay to install.

When done it should say forge profile installed.
Now, go back to to Minecraft launcher. Change the profile from 1.9.4 test to the new forge profile.

Almost there.

Now one more time to the link to get the RaspberryJamMod-Installer.exe.
Install the RJM then go back into your 1.9.4 world.

In the world hit 't' like your going to chat and type /py helloworld. It should print to the chat window 'Hello World' and you should have a diamond oar block directly under you.

You can type /py tab to see all the scripts available to you.

It is possible to run those scripts on the PyCraft server. When your on the server, instead of typing /py you type /lpy to run your local script. Remember though in order to get marked you need to send in your better scripts you have written to move up.

I hope this makes playing on the PyCraft server more fun as you don't need to wait for me to check your work and upload it.

If you do not have java installed, you will need to install the latest version.
If your not a student you can sign up at

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