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Monday, August 22, 2016

Useful Links

I have been working on a way of running scripts from home and seeing them instantly on the server. This will be great once I get it set up correctly. It will allow the children to try and test their code directly from their IDE of choice.

Imagine if you will, playing on a minecraft server with your friends and needing just the right object / block id at that time. So you fire up your ide (idle) and script a couple of lines real fast, run, and poof, there it the item you needed.

It is all coming together fine, I have coordinated with Alex Pruss to get this working correctly and on a  large scale.

To sign up for the server and to receive lessons in python visit

So some good places to find examples of working code is:

Two really good books that I have enjoyed testing the examples in are.

1. Adventures in Minecraft by David Whale, Martin O'Hanlon
2. Learn to program with Minecraft by Craig Richardson

 I also have a ton of scripts that I have written. I am going to start sharing on this blog so keep your eyes open for some cool neat tricks you can pull with coding.

Also if you have a cool idea with red stone wire that I can script let me know. Just send me instructions on how to make it in the game and I can code it.

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