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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PyCraft updates.

Just a couple of quick things on the update for the PyCraft server.
One of the most fun things I do on this server isn't scripting.. but flying.. well gliding. we have a command block that gives out elytra to anyone. Reason for this is because we have a script that is ran more than any other and that is /py jump. jump puts you 260 blocks in the air and with a elytra you can hit space bar and glide all over the area. When you get close to the bottom you can hit 't' and then up and do it all over again. One thing that annoyed us was when the elytra wore out and you would fall to your death. (All items in inventory are kept).
With the .80 update we can now not die when we fall. We just shake it off and go get a new elytra.

Another update is the not dying when you spawn a script around you.. you will not suffocate in a wall. Remember that if you create a structure out of an unbreakable block you can always use one of the other students jump scripts or the main jump script which I might change the name to glide.

All changes to this update are:

  • changed passwords.dat filename to raspberryjammod_passwords.dat
  • added raspberryjammod_permissions.dat control file to protect selected areas of the map [alpha quality; designed for servers]
  • added options to disable in-wall and fall damage
  • added a lot of block names to mcpi/, supporting most blocks through Minecraft 1.10.2
  • deprecated and in favor of and, which are the same as except blocks are referred to as block.BLOCKNAME instead of BLOCKNAME
  • added RGBA and material data availability to Block structure; the RGB data is typically an average RGB value of a side-face; the alpha is mostly made up; the material data is made to support Visual Python
  • added dithering and color rendering utilities; see and for examples on how to use; these are designed to use blocks from 1.10.2
  • added support for running many scripts in Visual Python without Minecraft [alpha quality]; on Linux/OSX/Cygwin, after installing Visual Python, you can do: MCPI_VPYTHON=1 python On Windows, you can do: set MCPI_VPYTHON=1 python

The next update will deal with users running scripts from home after they have changed their userName.

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