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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Open house

Saturday we are having an open house on the PyCraft server. We have invited players to come try out the world and the scripts that some of the students have written.
Once on the server hit "t" to pull up chat, then type /py then tab to bring up all the available python scripts on the server.
I am not allowing anybody to run scripts from home without authenticating them. Too many possibilities to erase the world. so /lpy wont work either.
But it will be loads of fun and you are welcome to come try it out.
The time that the open server will be is Saturday 5-7 CST.

I have spoken to Michael Kennedy from about possibilities of better advertising that is other than making youtube videos and facebook. I spoke with him last night but had to cut it short as we had connection issues. I will keep you posted on what he advises.

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